Top 5 on Demand Delivery Services for Shopify

Same Day Delivery Truck
11Apr, 2018

Ordering online for local delivery is on the rise. Business Insider estimates that one out of four online shoppers will abandoned an online purchase if same day delivery is not an option.  Moreover, the market for items ordered for same day delivery is projected to reach $4 Billion in 2018. When you look at the statistics, it is no surprise why many retailers are starting to incorporate same day delivery into their online ordering infrastructure.

Yet, pulling off same day delivery is not easy for independent brick and mortar retailers. Many operate with loosely defined zones and rates. The process of creating a successful delivery infrastructure takes time, planning, employee training, insurance and closely monitored logistics.

Fortunately, alternate courier services exist! For retailers within select markets, there are businesses available that will deliver your products direct to consumer for you. If your already using Shopify, you can take advantage of their pre-built integrations as well!



Two of the largest US based on demand delivery services for Shopify are Postmates and UberRush. Both services feature a tight integration with Shopify to allow customers to select delivery from these services when they check out from your online store.

Your customer pays you for the delivery service upfront. Then, when you have the product ready, you simply schedule the pickup within Shopify and make a payment to either UberRush or Postmates.


  1. UberRush

Currently available in NYC, San Francisco & Chicago, UberRush will deliver items via bicycle (up to 30lbs) or via vehicle (up to 50lbs).

Rules for using Uber Rush

Shopify Setup using UberRush


2. Postmates 

You may already be familiar with Postmates as a consumer. In these cities, Postmates allows users to order a wide range of products from local retailers on their app for delivery. However, with the Shopify integration, you can use Postmates as a delivery service for your business after the customer has made a purchase on your website and chosen local delivery at checkout.

Shopify Setup using Postmates

If your brick and mortar operation is not located within one of the supported regions. Shopify has other integrated delivery couriers available that operate in major metropolitan areas.


3. Same-Day Delivery App


This app allows for same day delivery service in entire New York metro area including NY and NJ. The company that provides the fulfillment service is Package Man. The app is free to download on Shopify. The store pays is responsible for payment of fulfillment and delivery of orders.


4. Gophr – Same day delivery App

Service Area: LONDON

This app allows stores to offer same day delivery service in London. The company that manages the fulfillment service is Gophr. This app is also free to use on Shopify. The delivery quotes and rates charged to the stores are available on Gophr’s website.


5. 99 Minutos App

Service Area: MEXICO

This app allows for same day delivery in Monterrey, Guadalajara, Queretaro, Veracruz, Merida and Mexico City. The company that manages the fulfillment service is 99 Minutos. Users must register through 99minutos in order to use the Shopify app.


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