Store Pickup using Proximity

Store Pickup using proximity
09Sep, 2018

Proximity just got even better!

Using Proximity stores can now allow customers to buy online and pickup in-store (BOPIS).

Proximity already allows hundreds of retailers to sell drop-ship products alongside items they ship from store. The app gives store owners the tools to sort through thousands of products and decide which products they will fulfill from their store and which products they will route to drop-ship partner Endless Aisles for fulfillment. Until now, stores could only shipping or delivery products they carried in-store. Now, customers can checkout online and pickup the in-store items!

In addition, customers can select store pickup at checkout even if they have a mixed shopping cart. A mixed shopping cart is a shopping cart that has products only available through Endless Aisles mixed with products that are only available in-store.  In this scenario, the customer can checkout online and pickup the in-store at the local store while still receiving the shipment of the Endless Aisles products via 2-3 day shipping.

How to Set Up Store Pickup in Proximity


Step 1 – App Settings

Visit the Apps section of your Shopify account and navigate to the Proximity App. From the dashboard of the Proximity app select ‘Settings’. Within the settings scroll down to the section that says ‘In Store Pickup’.

Choose ‘Yes’ from the drop down if you would like to offer store pickup. The second question is related to how long it takes you to get an order ready for a customer. How long do you need from the time that the customer places the order online until it is ready for them to pickup? Do you need 20 minutes? Two hours? Decide how long you will need and enter this number in minutes.

Step 2 – Locations

After setting up your settings navigate back to the Proximity dashboard. Select ‘Store Locations’. Click ‘Add a Location’ in the top right hand corner. Enter the name of your store location. It is important to choose a location name that is clear to customers. Consider using a street address or city/town as a way of identifying your location by name.

You can control whether or not each individual store offers store pickup. Moreover, you can customize the length of time it takes each store to get an order ready. Some stores may require longer than others.


App Features & Notes

Store Pickup is always Free

Proximity does not support charges for store pickup. The app recognizes store pickup as a free delivery method option for consumers. If your store charges for store pickup then Proximity may not be the appropriate app for your needs.


In-Store Items Universal Availability

In-store items are universally available. There is currently no way in Proximity to identify products by location. Therefore, if a product is marked as an in-store item it will be available for store-pickup at all locations.


In-Store & Delivery

If your store offers local delivery there is no differentiation between items that are available for in-store pickup and those that are available for local delivery. In other words, if a product is marked as an in-store item then it is available for both local delivery and store pickup.

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