How Smartphones Changed e-Commerce

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11Apr, 2018

There is a good bit of buzz surrounding smartphones and e-commerce. For years there has been talk about mobile devices becoming as prevalent, and at some point surpassing desktop usage. This is a prime reason why many web design firms have emphasized responsive website design. Since there is so much traffic coming from smartphones, it is extremely important to make sure that your website is compatible with mobile viewing and usage.

The Stats

According to Google, during the course of a typical day, 80 percent of people will turn to their smartphone to access the internet. Moreover, 27 percent of all people access the internet using a smartphone-only, while just 15 percent are computer-only. Moreover, when it comes to online search, 40 percent of consumers primarily use their smartphone. With online shoppers frequently using smartphones, it is necessary for e-commerce websites to optimize for mobile devices.

Not only are substantially more users accessing the internet with a smartphone, they are doing so to make online purchases. Current data indicates that nearly a third of all online conversions come from a smartphone. However, the conversion rates don’t tell the whole store. A larger number of people will use their smartphone to browse online shops or as a research platform before making their final decision. Then, they will make their transactions using their computer or buy at a brick-and-mortar storefront. All in all, the data reveals just how large the possibilities are for e-commerce websites to profit by creating mobile-friendly websites.

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