Shopify Test Credit Card Numbers

11Apr, 2018

Before you go live with your new online store. It is a good idea to test your checkout process for two reasons

  1. Make sure it works!
  2. Evaluate the User Experience.

If your online store is built on Shopify, you will first need to set your Shopify store to test mode. To do this follow these simple steps.

  1. Log into your Shopify Account
  2. Click on Settings -> Payments -> Edit
  3. Check the box for ‘Use test mode’




After your store is in test mode use this dummy credit card information during the checkout process.

Name on card: Enter at least two words.

Expiry date: Enter any date in the future.

CVV: Enter any three digits.

Card number: Use the following numbers:


Visa        4242424242424242

MasterCard        5555555555554444

American Express            378282246310005

Discover               6011111111111117

Diners Club         30569309025904

JCB         3530111333300000

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