Shopify History: From Retailer to Platform

Shopify History
11Apr, 2018

Learn more about Shopify’s history

Shopify History: Though it is now one of the best known e-commerce platforms, Shopify began life as an e-retailer itself. Snowdevil was the initial name of this Canadian company. When it was first founded in 2004, the company sold snowboards. They maintained the ‘snow’ motif for a short time even after becoming an e-commerce platform, but renaming themselves Jaded Pixel.

So why did they make that shift? According to a 2012 interview in Entrepreneur, founder Travis Hutke simply got frustrated at the options available to create an e-commerce platform. So he decided to create the software himself. Ultimately, his goal shifted from building a platform that was easy for him to building a flexible platform for other. With help from a friend, and investments from family, friends, and an angel investor the company launched as Shopify in 2006.

It only took two years for the company to turn a profit, and now the company boasts $29 billion in sales and over 377,000 active shops on its platform. It’s also grown by leaps and bounds internally. When Hutke started Shopify it was him and a few friends. Now, they have nearly 2,000 employees and five office locations.

Shopify has garnered recognition for its growth and success; in 2012 the company was named “Canada’s Smartest Company” by Profit Magazine and was also a finalist for Startup of the Year. The same year Lutke was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the year, and three years later Shopify was named Employer of the Year in the Canadian Startup Awards.

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