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About Proximity

The Proximity app for Shopify allows retailers to seamlessly integrate and fulfill their own inventory alongside the catalog fulfilled by Endless Aisles. For products that are available to ship-from-store and through Endless Aisles, Proximity allows stores to choose which method they’d rather use to fulfill products in an order: their store or Endless Aisles.

Is Proximity right for my store?

Many retailers have existing distribution capabilities in one of several forms including:

  • Ship from store
  • Local delivery
  • Store Pickup

Retailers with these existing distribution methods,or those who are planning to fulfillproducts through Endless Aisles and from their store, will likely require Proximity.


Using Proximity, retailers are able to execute the special handling required within Shopify to:

  • Sell “in-store” items which are available only for local delivery and store pickup, and only to a qualifying regional customer base.
  • Sell “EA Only” items, which are available only for shipping and fulfillment through EA and are not stocked by the retailer in their store.
  • Sell “Available In-store & through EA” items, which are routable on the back-end of Proximity to the appropriate fulfillment method based on the retailers desired fulfillment method.
  • Set specific rates for different fulfillment methods:
    • Rate for Local Delivery service
    • Rate for Store pickup
    • Rate for EA shipped items
    • Rate for a mixed cart that contains both delivery items and shipped items
    • Special rates, “ie, Free delivery/shipping over $100.”

Why Proximity?

In today’s world of online retail, logistics play a key role in defining the future of e-commerce players. Adding delivery zones, local delivery options and same day delivery is key to providing a faster, more efficient service to your customers. When you couple your local delivery service with an additional 6,000-10,000 products available for 1-3 day shipping through Endless Aisles, you provide competitive multi-channel buying solutions for your customers.

How Does It Work?

Liquid customers each work with an assigned Specialist to help them through the set-up, training and management processes required with Proximity. Don’t know how to code? No problem, the code installation, technical set-up and initial configuration of settings is included in your monthly management fee.

Sounds complicated…what will I need to do?

Selling items online using multiple fulfillment methods is inherently complex and this style of online store will require ongoing management by the store owner, manager or staff member.

What to expect to do:

  • Add products that aren’t available through Endless Aisles. Products such as equine, apparel, small animal and aquatics aren’t yet available through Endless Aisles. If you’d like to ship these items from your store, you’ll need to add them to your site. Don’t worry, your Specialist will show you how!
  • Submit orders for fulfillment. When orders occur on your website, you’ll need to route them to the correct place, either Endless Aisles or to your store. This is all done through Shopify and the Proximity App.
  • Add and change your rates. You’ll likely offer different rates for local delivery, store pickup and shipping from Endless Aisles. These rates will need to be setup using the Proximity App.

Important Notes

  • Proximity requires carrier calculated shipping to be enabled in Shopify. In most instances, this requires an upgraded Shopify license.
  • Proximity only supports price based, flat rate shipping rates. Carrier calculated rates, weight based rates and carrier rates are not supported.


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