Liquid Delivery

Liquid Delivery & In-Store Pickup


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  • Easily create zip code based local delivery zones
  • Customize zones with optional methods like Same Day Delivery or segment by vehicle type
  • Build advanced rules for your individual business needs
  • Works with US Zip Codes & Canadian Postal Codes

Why Liquid Delivery?

In today’s world of online retail, logistics play a key role in defining the future of e-commerce players. Adding delivery zones, local delivery options and same day delivery is key to providing a faster, more efficient service to your customers.

How Does It Work?

Liquid Delivery tightly integrates with your Lightspeed web store’s checkout process to add additional options specifcally tailored to businesses offering direct delivery to their local markets.

Additional Features:

  • Lightning fast install, set up your first zone in minutes.
  • Quickly create and manage your In Store Pickup locations.
  • Easy interface for simple use cases, but access to powerful rules and advanced options.
  • Offer add on services like Same Day Delivery.
  • Incentivize larger purchases with discounted delivery based on order totals.
  • Assistance in setting up your delivery rules


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