Endless Aisles – What you need to know

endless aisles
11Apr, 2018

This exciting tool is available to all stores that purchase products through Phillips Pet Food and Supply. The Endless Aisles system combines the infrastructure of Phillips, the logistics of PetFlow and first class software to create one of the best technology products available to independent pet stores.

So, what is this tool exactly?

In this blog post we explore the features of the new Endless Aisles app and how independent pet store owners can put this to work in their store today!

What is Endless Aisles?

Endless Aisles offers two features that help independent pet stores better meet the needs of their customers.

In-Store Solution

Have you ever had a customer walk into your store looking for a specific product that you don’t carry? Most store owners have had this experience. Unfortunately, the process of special ordering products from distributors at expensive rates and asking the customer to come back to the store weeks later, usually doesn’t result in a sale. Endless Aisles offers a solution!

With the Endless Aisles solution, the store owner can simply order products through their Endless Aisles account and have those products shipped directly to their customer’s doorstep within a few business days. When the order ships from the Phillips warehouse, it will even have the name of your pet store on the box.

Online Solution

Sick of losing customers to Chewy, Amazon or other online retailers of pet food and supplies?

Store owners can configure the Endless Aisles system to connect to major ecommerce platforms like ShopifyLightspeed, and WooCommerce. The ecommerce integration allows stores to deploy over 6,000 pet products to their website. Orders placed on your website are automatically sent to the Phillips warehouse for fulfillment. After an order is placed online, Phillips will deliver the products to your customer’s doorstep. Phillips simply charges your store for the cost of the product on your next monthly invoice.

Contact a website partner like Liquid or Pet Store Websites to build and manage an ecommerce website connected to Endless Aisles.

How do I sign up for Endless Aisles?

If you’re already a Phillips customer, talk with your Phillips Sales Representative or visit EndlessAisles.io and fill out the form to get started. A representative of the Endless Aisles team will contact you with further details about the startup process.

Not a Phillips customer yet? No problem. Contact Phillips Pet Food on their website here to fill out a form to get started.


Questions about how to make this work for your store? Contact us today!

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