Understanding Consumer Online Shopping Habits

Online Shoppers
11Apr, 2018

Do you know what your consumers buy? Not understanding the online shopping habits of your consumers and target audience is a downfall for many in the eCommerce business. More than 60% of consumers in the United States shop online at least one time each month. In order to tap into this market you need to understand what they are searching for. Their shopping habits are the key to unlocking this great potential.

Essential Online Shopping Behaviors

Free Shipping

More than 80% of consumers are willing to purchase products online when free shipping is on the table. By advertising free shipping, whether it is for a specified purchase total or not, you have a better opportunity to turn website visitors into paying customers.

Best Price

Over 36% of online consumers take their time searching where to find the best deal. When price comparisons are a click away, consumers don’t want to over pay. Instead they want to know they are getting the very best deal. You should also take the time to see how your products prices compare to other reputable eCommerce stores. This could be a possible driving force behind visitors to your site not converting to customers.

Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of consumers use their mobile phones and tablets to make their purchases. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are behind in the times. If users to your site have a bad experience on their mobile device, chances are they won’t return.

Online Coupons

Just as competitive and affordable pricing is a key contributor to developing more customers, the ability to discount purchases even more with coupons is another factor in what attracts consumers.


Don’t just blindly assume you know what is best for your consumers. Learning more about their online shopping habits helps you to turn visitors into customers!

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