Three tips for choosing the best ecommerce platform

11Apr, 2018

If you’ve already concluded that your business is best served by leveraging an established ecommerce platform instead of building your own complex project from the ground up, then you’ve already made the right choice. Most businesses don’t want the complex overhead of funding and managing a team to build your infrastructure from scratch.

Now, you need to figure out the right ecommerce platform service provider, with the right level of support for you and your customers. Here are three simple steps to finding the very best ecommerce platform to serve your business needs:

Three Tips

  1. Payment method- For many small- to medium-sized businesses, customers prefer a broad set of options with PayPal as a popular choice. Furthermore, make sure your ecommerce platform supports as many methods as possible, so new customers feel safe buying from your business, while established customers can use their preferred payment method.
  2. Personalized support- You’ll have lots of questions when building and maintaining your ecommerce website. Make sure you don’t have to go through layers of automated systems in order to receive the support you will need. Choose an ecommerce platform that assigns support staff to your business, gets to know you and your customers, and can solve your issues based on that knowledge.
  3. SEO- Performance in search engines is a key  driver for acquiring new customers to your business. Choose a fully featured ecommerce service that includes SEO tools.

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