Bold Recurring Orders

Setting Up Bold Recurring Orders on Shopify

What to expect when using Bold Recurring Orders!

Subscription ordering can have a positive impact on your retail business.
However, for most small business owners, the tasks required to maintain a subscription ordering system for their store is overwhelming. Consider the tasks associated with addressing failed subscriptions, out of stock items, failed credit card payments, delayed shipments, refunds and more. Offering subscription ordering adds a whole new dynamic to your business. If you’re ready to offer recurring orders. Here’s what you need to know.

Bold Recurring Orders FAQ's

Visit this article on Bold to learn about refunding orders.

Visit this article on Bold to learn about setting up your payment gateway.

Visit this article to learn about managing declined orders using the Bold recurring orders app.

Bold Recurring Orders Instructions

Step One – Code Installation

The first step is to install the code necessary to display the “subscribe & save” messaging on your Shopify website. This video discusses the three main options for installing the code from Bold on your Shopify template.

Step Two – Sync Product Catalog

The second step is to sync your Endless Aisles product catalog with your recurring orders app. Here are the product groupings for your smart collections:

  1. Tag: Cat, Tag: Wet Food
  2. Tag: Cat, Tag: Dry Food
  3. Tag Dog, Tag: Wet Food
  4. Tag Dog, Tag: Dry Food
  5. Tag: Freeze-dried
  6. Tag: Beds
  7. Tag: Crates & Gates
  8. Tag: Treats
  9. Tags: Bowls & Feeders, Cleaning & Potty, Grooming, Leashes, Toys, Flea & Tick

Step Three – Set up notifications

The third step is setting up email notifications for triggering events. Customers and staff will need to be notified of updates and changes with their subscription ordering system.

Visit this link to learn more about Setting up Email Notifications in Bold Recurring Orders.

Step Four – Set up your payment gateway

The fourth important step is to set up your payment gateway. Visit this link to set up your Payment Gateway in Bold Recurring Orders.

Retailer's Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Help customers manage their accounts (update order frequency, swap products, apply discount codes, etc)
  • Apply Discount Codes to Existing Orders
  • Set up Discount Codes for Recurring Orders
  • Sync new products to subscription groups in Recurring Orders
  • Update prices on active subscriptions
  • Manage Declined & Failed Payments
  • Manage Order Refunds
  • Manage Inventory tied to Existing Recurring Orders
  • Manage discontinued/deleted items tied to  Recurring Orders
  • Returns tied to Subscription Orders
  • Manage Settings

Bold Recurring Orders Help

Bold offers extensive support via email, telephone and through library of frequently asked questions all documented on their company website. This information and these services are all available to you at the following locations:

Bold Recurring Orders