Author: robmart12

Anatomy of a Website

Sometimes, web developers get ahead of themselves when they are talking to their retail store clients about a potential website project. In recent years, the different components required to build a successful website for a […]

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Rhetoric or Reaction?

Sometimes we talk in terms of rhetoric… Very recently I found myself in a meeting with a very large client of ours. The meeting consisted of myself and several of the key decision makers within […]

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Tech Buzzwords Explained

The technology sector has created some pretty unique products, techniques and processes in the last quarter century. In the world of website technology, this has meant the invention of new words and phrases to describe […]

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Your Free Website is Very Expensive

The website you got for free is probably costing you a lot of money! The website development and management industry has grown substantially in recent years and with good reason. A lot of purchase decisions […]

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Search Engine Optimization

One of the most confusing areas of online marketing for small businesses is the three letter term SEO. If you own a brick and mortar retail location, you may be accustomed to folks visiting your […]

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