Month: April 2018

smartphones graphic

How Smartphones Changed e-Commerce

There is a good bit of buzz surrounding smartphones and e-commerce. For years there has been talk about mobile devices becoming as prevalent, and at some point surpassing desktop usage. This is a prime reason why […]

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endless aisles

Endless Aisles – What you need to know

This exciting tool is available to all stores that purchase products through Phillips Pet Food and Supply. The Endless Aisles system combines the infrastructure of Phillips, the logistics of PetFlow and first class software to create one of the best technology products […]

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Shopify History

Shopify History: From Retailer to Platform

Learn more about Shopify’s history Shopify History: Though it is now one of the best known e-commerce platforms, Shopify began life as an e-retailer itself. Snowdevil was the initial name of this Canadian company. When it was first […]

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