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Ecommerce Administrator

Ecommerce Administration

Hire your own outsourced employee to run your online store. Would you trust your brick and mortar store in the hands of someone who’d never done it before? It’s the same when it comes to your online store. At Liquid, you receive a specific Ecommerce Administrator to work on your behalf to make your online store a success.

Ecommerce Administrator Role

Data Entry

Adding product images, descriptions, categories, weights, variants and more

Email Communications

Your ecommerce administrator will handle email confirmations on orders and shipments to your customers


Discount Codes, Coupons and design changes

Blog Writing

Administrators write all the blog articles for the site


Handle all search engine optimization work


Tax rates, shipping rules, delivery rules and in-store pick up options will all be set up and maintained

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart notifications will be sent out to online shoppers

Managing Orders

Collecting Payments, installing applications, Ensuring Fulfillment and trouble shooting technical issues